AK-47 T6 Stock

AK-47 T6 Stock

AK-47 T6 Stock
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AK-47 T-6 six position stock for stamped receivers. Like all Tapco products, this stock is guaranteed for life. Installation is very simple and can be completed in less than ten minutes.
AK Strikeforce Package

AK Strikeforce Package

AK Strikeforce Package
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• Six-Position Collapsible/Side Folding
• Folds to the Left Side of the Receiver (One Second Open/Close)
• Removable/Adjustable (3/8”) Cheekrest
• Removable Buttpad
• Store Extra Light/Laser/Batteries Inside Stock Tube
• May be fired from folded position
• Sling Swivel Stud
• Improved Ventilation
• Use Original Mounting Hardware for Installation
• Assembled in Fixed Position
• Ergonomic and Textured Upper and Lower Handguards
• One 4” and Three 2” Picatinny Rails
• Molded Inserts for When Rails are Not Used
• Rails are Removable and Interchangeable • Handguards are Ventilated
• Sling Swivel Stud
• Count Towards US Compliance Parts
• Ergonomic, Textured Pistol Grip
• Installs with Original Mounting Hardware (Screw & Nut)
• Matches Advanced Technology, Inc Handguards
• Counts Toward US Compliance Parts
• Virtually Indestructible
• Matte Black
• Glass-Filled Nylon
• Made in USA
• Lifetime Warranty
• No Gunsmithing

Conversion kit may only be utilized on AK’s using folding stocks prior to 11/90 or you must have enough compliance parts to be legal as a folder; assembly otherwise may be in violation of Sec. 922(R). NOTE: Stock and handguard are Made in USA and count towards compliance parts.
Tapco AK-47 Fusion Quad Rail

Tapco AK-47 Fusion Quad Rail

Tapco AK-47 Fusion Quad Rail
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Component of the Intrafuse™ Rifle System.
Designed with direct input from our military clientele, our AK Intrafuse Quad Rail set enhances the look and function of your AK47. The lower handguard houses a concealed Picatinny rail for mounting lights, lasers, or vertical grips as well as two rails on either side. The matched upper handguard offers increased heat dissipation and improved styling and includes a Picatinny rail.
This item counts as 1 U.S. Sec 922r compliant part
479 Quad Rail System Mount

479 Quad Rail System Mount

479 Quad Rail System Mount
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For Model 47 and most Variants with Standard/Oversized Barrel and Rear Sight Block (MAK-90, Vector, Arsenal) Will not fit the Saiga or Yugo

Precision machined with maximum strength
Four 6” long mil-spec Picatinny rails with 14 slots each for versatile accessory applications
Clever rail system locking design includes lower connecting walls mating with upper channels to achieve the most solid and
secure fit-
Lower quad-rail system to secure barrel
Upper quad-rail system to secure gas tube
Simple and friendly installation, no gunsmith required
Great zero-retention capability for all accessories installed on the rails
Intensively tested by field experts under extreme heat and sub-zero temperature and demonstrates most satisfactory performance
Specially designed groove rail top for optimal viewing through front sight
Fits Model 47 and variants with oversized barrel and rear sight block
Hard anodized finish for wear resistance
UTG rubber rail guards included for great comfort and protection
Now made in USA
AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Stock Package

AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Stock Package

AK-47 Strikeforce Elite Stock Package
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6 Position Collapsible Non-Siding Folding Strikeforce Elite Stock with Scorpion Recoil System, Aluminum Upgrade Package, Ventilated Handguards, and Adjustable Cheekrest

  • Redesigned Slim Line Rear Aluminum Receiver Mount
  • 6 Position Collapsible Stock
  • Scorpion Recoil System – Adsorbs Recoil Energy
    • Scorpion Razorback Buttpad – Non-Slip, Removable
    • Scorpion Recoil Pistol Grip – Ergonomic, Sure-Grip Texture
    • Recoil Impact is Absorbed – Shooting Anything from a 3.5” Magnum Turkey Load to a Door Breaching Load Can Now be Done With No Pain Being Transferred to the Shooter
    • Reduces the Challenge to Reacquire the Target
    • by Minimizing the Muzzle Lift
    • Not Affected by Chemicals
    • Remains Flexible in Extreme Temperatures
    • Removes Limitations from Spring and Piston Type Recoil Suppression Systems
  • Military Type III Anodized, 6061 T6 Aluminum
    • 6 Position Commercial Buffer Tube
    • Aluminum Receiver Mount
  • Ergonomic, Textured and Ventilated Upper and Lower Handguards
  • One 4” Picatinny Rail
  • Two 2” Picatinny Rail
  • One 2” Picatinny Rail with Swivel Stud
  • Blank Inserts for when Rails are not in use
  • 3M Industrial Grade Self-Adhesive Soft Touch Cheekrest Pad
  • Removable/Adjustable Cheekrest (3/8”)
  • Slot for Tactical Sling Attachment
  • 3 Sling Swivel Studs
  • DuPont® Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer
  • Includes Steel Castle Nut, Steel Locking Ring, Steel T-Nut and Steel Pistol Grip Bolt
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fits Most stamped AK receivers. Will not fit milled receivers.
Note Stock, Handguards, and pistol grip, are Manufactured in the USA and count towards compliance parts. Contact your local gun shops or shooting ranges for this and other compliance issues.

AK-47 Stock Sets

AK-47 Stock Sets

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