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With its headquarters in the Philippines, The Arms Corporation of the Philippines is a leading firearm and ammunition manufacturer.

Some of the company’s most well-known products include the 1911 pistol, many different types of revolvers, and pump action shotguns.

Despite producing more 1911’s than any other company, ARMSCOR is still relatively unknown to most Americans. However, ARMSCOR’s quality production standards have made it a favorite among a small but growing minority of gun owners.

Originally known as Squires and Bingham Manufacturing Company or Squibman, the company was started by two U.S. soldiers stationed in the Philippines in the early 1900s.

In the late 1970s, the owners decided to embark on a major expansion, sought out and found investors, and ARMSCOR was born.

  • Model 20


The model 20 was the first .22 semi-automatic rifle produced by ARMSCOR. Inside the model 20 was a striker firing mechanism with a shot box type magazine holding 15 rounds. It quickly garnered a reputation for being an extremely accurate weapon.

ARMSCOR imports high-quality Australian steel, comparable to the types of steel used in weapons produced in the U.S.

To capitalize on the success of the Model 20, the company introduced a “pistolized” version meant for security professionals.

The Model 20-p, reliable yet reasonably priced, is a favorite of budget conscience law enforcement agencies.

Although a lot of the ARMSCOR guns are clones of more successful European models, they still represent excellent value for the money.

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