Barrett Firearms Rifle in Sterling Heights

Barrett Firearms Rifle in Sterling Heights

There are few gun companies who have managed to reach the pinnacle of a chosen style or field of firearm. One of the most well-known is the Barrett Firearms rifle M82. The Model 82 is a shoulder-fired, .50 caliber rifle that started a fresh round of innovations in the gun industry with its creation.

About Barrett

Ronnie Barrett began as a photographer who got the crazy idea to build a shoulder-fired .50 caliber rifle. A clear cut case of doing the impossible by not knowing it should be impossible. The process involved creating parts that simply didn’t exist yet.

This passion led to a series of top quality rifles used by serious sporting shooters, law enforcement agencies, and the US military. There are also 73 specially approved countries around the world who are allowed to purchase these rifles. The quality and range are such that certain models are heavily regulated and not allowed to be purchased by just anyone.

Barrett Firearms Rifle in Sterling Heights

Top Barrett Rifles

The M82A1 is the first semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle. It has an overall length of 57 inches, and a capacity of ten rounds plus one in the chamber. It weighs 32.72 pounds, so this is not the rifle you carry for a wander in the brush. It has a lever safety, metal stock, and uses gas vents to reduce the felt recoil.

The M107A1 is a modified, improved version of the classic M107. This rifle only weighs 27.5 pounds with an overall length of 48 inches. With a capacity of eleven .50 Browning Machine Gun rounds, there’s enough firepower in this to make a dent in a brick wall.

The Fieldcraft is a bolt action rifle that’s designed to be easier to carry yet still perform like a Barrett. Only six pounds and 44.3 inches long, it’s meant to be carried on a long hunting trip.

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