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Based in Tennessee, Barrett manufactures firearms and ammunition. Ronnie Barrett started the company after he produced the first shoulder-fired .50 rifle. Known as the “light fifty” it is one of the most well-known firearms in the world.

Barrett went on to develop a successful catalog of .50BMG, light fifty, rifles. These include the well-known M95 and M99 bolt action rifles.

  • The Military

Barret guns have been used very successfully by military forces worldwide. The U.S military purchased a number of M82s for use during the Gulf War in the early 1990s. Since then, it has become a major part of the U.S. Defense forces’ arsenal.

The M82 also saw a lot of action in the Kosovo and Bosnia conflicts in the 19990s.

In present-day sniper rifles made by Barrett are favored by many military forces around the world. This is largely due to their power, accuracy, and effectiveness.

By 2007, Barrett was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

  • The Barrett Range

As well as being a producer of semi-automatic rifles, the company also makes scopes, machine guns, optical range systems and ammunition with demand at it’s highest in history.

Not content with current demand Barret are planning on introducing new designs to the market to increase its product range. These new products will increase the REC7 and MRAD line and the most recent LWS machine guns. Barrett is also set to license a range of Italian hunting shotguns.

  • Training

For new and current owners of Barret guns and accessories, you will be pleased to know that you can also take part in courses offered by the company. These courses are available globally at various locations as well as its main corporate site in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

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