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Barrett Firearms Manufacturing is an American gun and ammunition manufacturer. The company was established in 1982 and is based in the town of Christiana, Tennessee.

Originally, Barrett Firearms was founded for the sole purpose of manufacturing semi-automatic rifles chambered for the .50 BMG. While the founder began working on the design in the early 1980s, the first Barrett rifles were available in 1982, which prompted the model to be named M82.

Development continued throughout the 80s, with an improved version, named M82A1, being released in 1986.

Barrett Rifle for Sale Online

Who Uses the Barrett?

The IRA (Irish Republican Army) was one of the early customers of the M82 gun, who used it against the British army. They liked the rifle because it had the power to go through bulletproof vests and body armor.

By 1997, special body armor was issued, containing ceramic plates made from boron carbide to protect against the .50 caliber round.

But these body armors proved to be very expensive and weighed 32 lbs., which made them too heavy to be practical. Soldiers could barely wear them for two hours at a time.

Barrett Rifle for Sale

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The US military also uses Barrett rifles. The U.S. currently stocks the M82A3 model, as well as the newer version called M107, used as anti-materiel rifles.

The rifles are used with special military HEIAP ammunition.

Other Products

Barrett makes a series of sniper rifles beside the M82, such as the M90, M95, M98B, XM 109, and the Barrett MRAD. The company also makes two semi-automatic rifle models, one machine gun, an optics system, named BORS (Barrett Optical Ranging System), and a number of ammunition types.

Barrett rifles bear the quality check of the US military, as well as other army organizations around the world. They are known for being powerful and reliable rifles that can penetrate through all kinds of body armor, and they make good self-defense guns.

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