Barrett Shotguns for Sale in Sterling Heights

Barrett Shotguns

Barrett is most widely known for their tactical .50 BMG semi autos, one the guns used by our armed forces. So you may be pleasantly surprised by the finish, shine, and quality of their shotguns. With beautiful walnut and scrollwork on the plating, you need to check out the Barrett shotguns for sale.

Over Under vs Side by Side

There are two types of break action, double barreled shotguns, the over under and the side by side. The primary difference between them is how the double barrels are arranged, and it’s all said in the names. An over under has one barrel over the other while a side by side has them right next to each other.

While there are shooters who are prodigiously accurate with a side by side, the truth is that an over under is easier for the less experienced shooter to wield. This is due in large part to the fact that stacked barrels provide better leverage and balance, plus a single sight line.

The weight of them makes over unders easier to swing into position, and the recoil feels different. A side by side tends to swing to the side depending on which barrel is fired, and makes the second shot more difficult. An over under has the first barrel hit low on the shoulder, making the second shot easier to line up.

Why Choose a Barrett Shotgun


Barrett is already known for quality workmanship, and are the first choice for large caliber, long range guns. It’s logical that their shotguns are made to the same exacting standards.

While famously reliable, making their shotguns break actions only provides that additional degree of security. You can rest secure in the knowledge that when you pull the trigger, you fire a round. On top of that, Barrett’s shotguns display a rare degree of beauty and care in the work and finish, so that you’re taking a work of art with you on the range or in the field.

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