Black Powder Handguns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Black Powder Handguns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Black powder used to be essential for firearm use. All of the original weapons developed in China and until around the 19th century use black powder.

Black Powder Guns

History of the Black Powder Guns

Firearms gained importance in Europe in the 14th century. Skilled craftsmen specialized in manufacturing gun powder and shot for military purposes. Black powder weapons were hard to reload, and the process took quite a long time.

An experienced shooter could fire and reload three or four times a minute. Most people could only fire once or twice.

Another problem with black powder weapons was the guns were useless if the powder got wet, even if the powder dried out later.

That made black powder guns generally useless in rainy or wet environments.

The very rudimentary early fire weapons slowly evolved from manual loading eventually to cartridges and ultimately automatic loading.

Today, no military or law enforcement service uses black powder weapons.

Black Powder Guns Today

Although they are not very common, black powder handguns are slowly making a comeback. They might be slow to reload, but these revolvers can hold up to nine shots, and black powder hunting is becoming quite popular.

There is a small but growing community of black powder shooters that get together regularly for target shooting using black powder rifles and handguns.

There is a market for these guns and shooting one of them can certainly can be an interesting, if not historical experience.

black powder handguns

Final Word

If you’re a black powder enthusiast, or if you’re just curious about it, you will probably find a gun that you love in our store.

If you have an interest in black powder weapons, take a look at our listing, or contact us for more details and information.

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