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Everyone has an opinion on his or her favorite handgun to shoot. Lots of gun owners believe that black powder handguns can’t be beat when it comes to having fun at the range. The mention of black powder often reminds us of older guns that are slower to load than more modern models. These days, however, many new black powder pistols are available for several different applications.


The use of black powder weapons goes back centuries, and some folks prefer these antique firearms to more modern models. With advancements in firearm transfer technology, gun makers have succeeded in producing modern black powder pistols at a lower price. This exciting combination allows any shooter the chance to reach back in history to another era by owning and shooting their own black powder handgun.

Black Powder Handguns

Plenty of firepower

Overall, it’s true that black powder ammunition doesn’t match smokeless powder when it comes to performance, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a punch. For example, .45 Colt black powder ammo can produce similar results to that of .45 ACP, which provides plenty of stopping power.


Black powder weapons have been used for self-defense for a long time, and that’s still true today. With the right ammo, these guns can be used very effectively for protecting yourself and your home. Depending on your local regulations, you might be able to hunt with a black powder pistol also. This type of hunting can be the next big challenge that you’ve been looking for. Finally, it’s hard to beat an afternoon spent plinking on the range with one of these handguns.

Fun to shoot

You can’t go wrong owning a black powder handgun for pure enjoyment. Imagine drawing back the hammer and sending a round downrange as you’re surrounded by a thick cloud of smoke and sulfur.

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