Black Powder Rifle in Sterling Heights

Black Powder Rifle in Sterling Heights

Black Powder Rifle

The current hunting trend is to set up in a blind in the forest and shoot game from long distances, which doesn’t utilize every hunting skill. If you’re one of the few who wants to use serious skill in not only stalking your game but in shooting, a black powder rifle may be for you.

What is a Black Powder Rifle

Black powder rifles are also called muzzleloaders, as they work on the same principles as the original muzzleloading rifles from the 1700s. Their modern look belies their loading method and still gives you the chance to exercise every skill.

The shooter pours a measure of powder into the muzzle of the rifle, then adds the bullet, finally tamping it down. It can’t fire, however, as a primer is still needed. This step is best completed once you’re in your hunting spot, as walking with a loaded and primed gun is dangerous.

Anybody who’s ever watched an old movie is relatively familiar with the steps above, and as you can see, it’s changed very little in 200+ years.

Advantages of a Muzzleloading Rifle

Black Powder

Having a black powder rifle can actually extend your hunting season as many states have a black powder only season, so you have that extra time. Since there’s so much time between shots, you have to be very certain as to when to shoot.

It takes far more skill to bag game with a muzzleloader as their range to ethically kill a deer is roughly 200 yards. This requires you to stalk the deer and makes those kills that much sweeter. There are also significant bragging rights with your buddies who simply sat and make a shot at 350 yards.

These rifles are quite affordable, including the projectiles, making them ideal for the budget hunter, too.
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