• .22-caliber rimfire rifles are some of the most popular firearms in the United States, allowing gun owners to economically hunt,
  • The .308 Winchester, introduced in 1952, is the commercial variant of the widely adopted 7.62×51mm NATO military round. The .308
  • Carrying a weapon while camping poses a conundrum: Should I bring my best .308 bolt action rifle I use for
  • From .22 bolt action rifles to .30-06, there are a lot of choices for hunters. Long-range hunting has grown in
  • Bolt Action Rifle
    The bolt action rifle first appeared in the early 1800s. The U.S. and most other armies had adopted these guns
  • bolt action guns
    Bolt-action firearms require the shooter to manually control the bolt when inserting and ejecting cartridges. Bolt-action guns are more accurate