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  • Normally, when gun owners think of a sporting rifle, the Winchester Model 1894 in .30-30 and the Remington Model 700
  • Semi-automatic and bolt-action rifles chambered in .22 Long Rifle are popular for hunting, recreational and competitive target shooting, and pest
  • Semi-automatic rifles have been commercially available for more than a century, and hunters routinely use these and other firearms to
  • If you’re a new gun owner, you may have realized that firearm terminology and jargon are vast and sometimes confusing.
  • Semi-automatic rifles and carbines are some of the most popular and widely produced firearms in the United States. Useful for
  • There has been a lot of confusion in recent years regarding the differences between fully automatic firearms, categorized as machine
  • Semi-automatic rifles are hallmarks of self-defense. Owning a semi-automatic rifle can help you, your home, and your family be much
  • The .22 bolt action rifle has been around for over a century. The ammunition used, .22LR, makes these guns very
  • Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher produced the first semi-automatic rifle in 1885 that was eventually adopted by the Austrian-Hungarian Army. Since