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  • Shotguns are the only viable firearm for bird hunting, as you can load them with birdshot; shells loaded with a
  • The shotgun is one of the three great families of firearms, alongside the rifle and the handgun. According to an
  • Shotguns
    Shotguns are formidable self-defense firearms and can be the first line of defense when protecting your home from invasion. Although
  • When you are choosing a home-defense weapon, select a tool that ensures the safety of your property, your loved ones,
  • Bowhunting season begins soon, and bird hunting season is not far behind. Bowhunting and using a shotgun for hunting birds
  • Selecting a shotgun for home defense is not only about shotgun ammo, although the right time of round is important.
  • The KelTec KSG tactical shotgun is no ordinary pump-action shotgun: This ambidextrous dual-tube fastest reloading shotgun has completely changed the
  • Shotguns are excellent home defense tools, which give you powerful stopping power because they can be grabbed quickly and used
  • Over-Under Shotguns
    An over under shotgun is one of those pieces that’s a timeless classic. More than that, the over under fulfills