Bolt Action Guns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Bolt Action Guns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Action Guns

Bolt action is a type of action that requires the shooter to manually manipulate the bolt using a handle in order to load cartridges into and out of the gun’s barrel chamber. The loading handle is usually situated on the right side of the gun. Bolt action guns are most often used for hunting. Most firearms that use a bolt-action systems are rifles, although there are some shotgun models, and a few handguns as well.

The Origin and History of Bolt Action Guns

It all started in 1824, when Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse manufactured the first bolt action rifle, called the Needle Rifle. The Needle was used by the Prussian Army, and later in the 19th century bolt action guns became the standard infantry firearm for most of the world’s armed forces. Even today, many snipers still use this type of guns because of their naturally superior precision and accuracy. Civilian use typically spans to the target shooting and hunting sectors.

Perhaps one of the most advanced bolt action gun is the MASS (or M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System), which can be used as a standalone weapon, or attached to an M4 carbine or an M16 rifle with an underbarrel mount.

Advantages of Using Bolt Action Guns

Compared to other types of guns, bolt action guns offer greater strength, and allow the use of powerful cartridges. Bolt action guns have become popular alternatives to level action shotguns, thanks to them being so accurate. And top of it all, they cost much less than self-loading guns. Bolt-action firearms can also be disassembled and re-assembled for maintenance and repair much faster, owing to their having fewer moving parts. Because of the combination of relatively light weight, high potential accuracy, lower cost, and reliability, the bolt action is still preferred by many hunters. Bolt action guns can be great acquisitions.

Bolt Action Guns For Sale Online in Sterling Heights

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