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Bolt Action Handguns
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With gun makers and private citizens tweaking designs and trying new things, firearms are constantly being adjusted. Bolt action handguns are one such result of shooters looking at their weapons and deciding they need a makeover.

While bolt action rifles have been around for years, bolt action handguns are a more recent development. Light, maneuverable, and easy to carry, these pieces made a place for themselves in the market.

Features of a Bolt Action Handgun

The biggest difference between a bolt action handgun and a rifle is the length of the gun. The length of the barrel on handguns is 15 inches on average, compared to an average length of 23 inches for rifles.

Some manufacturers offer barrels from 12 to 18 inches, at every inch in between. Different lengths make a gun suitable for different game and with a simple barrel switch, you have a gun for every need.

The pistol grip on a handgun is another major difference, though many of them will also have a type of stock, much like the AR-15. Some handguns have built-in bi-pods, which makes the gun easier to shoot for hunting purposes.

Handguns are very light. This makes them easier to carry for long distances or to remote hunting locations.

Action Handgun

Purposes of a Bolt Action Handgun

Bolt action handguns are primarily used for hunting. They are small, light, and easy to carry but still maintain the power and accuracy of a rifle.

Used as a handgun, they are more accurate at longer distances than any other handgun out there. However, they are also less versatile in crowded areas and are best used in rural areas. For obvious reasons, they do not make for a good concealed carry.

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