Bolt Action Handguns in Sterling Heights

Bolt Action Handguns in Sterling Heights

Bolt Action Handguns

There have been some innovations with hunting in recent years, with a growing number of people preferring to use a handgun. Bolt action handguns bring the accuracy of a bolt action rifle to the maneuverability of a handgun, making it perfect for those longer hunts.

Features of a Bolt Action

As these are bolt action, they are also single shot, so it pays to take your time with that one. The action itself is about the same size as that on a rifle, and like the rifle, leaves plenty of space to comfortably seat a scope.

The action’s placement varies, with some having the bolt placed before the grip, though most are placed directly over it.
These types of handguns are much lighter than their rifle counterparts, making them ideal for those who like to range farther afield for their game.

There is space for a bipod as well as the scope, giving you all the advantages of a rifle with a fraction of the weight.
One thing to keep in mind is that there will be more of a recoil from this handgun than from a semiautomatic. Make sure you test the gun so that you’re prepared for it.

Bolt Action Handgun

Why Choose a Bolt Action Handgun

Bolt actions have a reputation for dependability that stretches back to the rifles of WWI and continues today with the handguns. The simplicity of the mechanism is what assures ease of cleaning and maintenance in any situation.

The fact that these are bolt action handguns contributes to the lightweight feel and overall durability of the weapon. As with other bolt action pieces, the handguns aren’t limited in what type of ammunition they use, once you’ve selected a caliber. You’ll have a wider variety of scopes to choose from as well.

The handgun is far more portable than a rifle, and your average handgun weighs in around 5.5 pounds. As you can see, this will make a huge difference to your walk.

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