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Guns that use a bolt action are loaded by manually moving the bolt using a handle. Bolt action guns are mostly used for hunting. Most bolt actions are rifles, but there are also some shotguns that use this type of action.

The History of the Bolt Action

Bolt Action

Bolt action was first invented in the 1820s. The advantages of bolt action guns are the increased strength and the use of powerful cartridges. They have always been appreciated for their accuracy and simplicity. They are so simple that they can be taken apart and put back together with ease.

They weigh less than most other long guns, and they cost less than autoloading guns. Their popularity might have decreased since the 19th century when they were popular among people who had military experience, but they are still preferred today by hunters in many circumstances.

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Bolt Action Shotguns

Bolt Action Shotguns

These shotguns are very easy to operate. You just need to lift the bolt handle up, then pull it back to open the action. Then push the bolt handle forward and turn it down to close the action. It’s as easy as it sounds. Most of the times, bolt action shotguns use a magazine to carry an extra number of shotshells. After each shot, the shooter works the bolt to eject the spent shell and to load a new one from the attached magazine.

If you like hunting and you need a powerful gun that’s easy to use, bolt action shotguns might be perfect for you. They’re simple and efficient, and all for an affordable price.

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