Bolt Action Survival Guns in Detroit, Michigan

Bolt Action Survival Guns in Detroit, Michigan

Bolt Action Survival

Until very recently, there was very little room for variation and customization in the rifle market. Mountain men, pioneers, and cowboys used what they had available to them as all-purpose weapons and simply hoped they were up to each task.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case, and you can now find specialized firearms for any purpose, such as bolt action survival guns.

Specifications of a Survival Gun

There is no list of standard requirements for a survival gun. This is because your specifications come down to your individual concept of what you believe is necessary for survival. That being said, there are a few traits to look for.

In a survival situation, it is unlikely to have a gun shop or cleaning kit handy, and you will need a weapon that is both reliable and able to keep performing with minimal maintenance.

It is also important to choose a rifle that is durable enough to withstand frequent use. In these cases, rifles with fewer fragile moving parts are ideal.

A survival rifle should also be compatible with common types of ammunition. These are often affordable, which enables you to get in more practice with your survival weapon at minimal cost.

Benefits of a Bolt Action

Bolt Action

Bolt actions are an incredibly reliable rifle. There are fewer moving parts on a bolt action because of the simplicity of the design. This means that there is less that can go wrong.

The lack of moving parts also makes these rifles easier to use and maintain. Cleaning is fairly straightforward and accomplished with minimum fuss and confusion.

Bolt actions are also a little bit lighter than semi-automatics. That slight difference in weight makes hauling over long distance easier. Positioning is also simpler for newer shooters.

A bolt action rifle can be purchased in various calibers and is reliably compatible with a wider variety of ammunition than semi-automatic rifles. Spent shells are also easy to find and collect for reloading. Bolt action rifles work better with suppression and have a lower profile, which is key for survival situations.

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