Bravo Company Guns for Sale Online in Detroit MI

Bravo Company Guns for Sale Online in Detroit MI

Bravo Company Manufacturing, also known as BCM, is an American weapon manufacturer. The company makes and tests its products to meet the strict requirements of the military, law enforcement, security, and peace keeping professionals.

Some of Bravo Company’s customers so far include the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines, US Coast Guard, the HQ SOCOM (Special Operations Command), the Department of Homeland Security, US Border Patrol, various American embassies, law enforcement agencies, tactical units, private security companies, and many civilians.

Bravo Company Guns for Sale Online


BCM has built a reputation for building firearms designed for real-world situations. Their weapons have been tested under harsh circumstances by professionals, and they proved to function when firearms made by other manufacturers had given up long time before. Bravo Company guns have earned the respect of many critics over time.

Bravo Company’s rifles and carbines are among the few that never seem to fail, they just work no matter what. They are simple, rugged, light, and reliable, and that is all you really need in a self-defense weapon. What more can be said? The performance of these guns just speaks for them.

Bravo Company Guns


The RECCE rifles have now been the subject of many good reviews. They feature forged 7075-T6 receivers and parts hardened to USGI specifications. The bolts are made from Carpenter no. 158 steel, and the barrel extensions use M4-like feed ramps with USGI 5.56 mm NATO chambers. The upper receivers are T-marked. The defense triggers are standards, and the USGI H-series buffers use M4-style springs. One of the latest BCM RECCE models comes with an 18 inch barrel.

Final Word

Law enforcement and the US military vouch for Bravo Company’s guns. They are reliable, made to withstand any conditions, and are sure to function for a long time, no matter what. If you need a gun you can simply trust, check out our Bravo Company collection.

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