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There are only a few firearms companies that have managed to survive and thrive in the last century and a half of innovations and designs. Amongst everything, Browning firearms continue to stand out and are firm favorites with shooters everywhere.

Properties of Browning Firearms

There is a huge range of firearms available that are made by Browning, so much so that it’s impossible to point out every detail and feature that makes them great. Instead, the true properties of Browning’s range of firearms come from the dedication and thought that are put into each one.

Factors such as weather, intended use, and frequency of use are all considered in the making of these firearms. This ends up creating a firearm that is weather resistant, shoots smoothly and accurately, and is a joy to handle.

Why Choose a Browning


Browning displays an exquisitely well thought out design no matter the firearm. They don’t rush to turn out a design then spend the next few years doling out the upgrades necessary to make it a good rifle. Instead, Browning ensures they have the complete package right out of the box.

A rifle such as the X-Bolt Pro is designed to reduce weight, so the engineers used spiral fluting on the barrel and the bolt while also using a carbon fiber stock. Or take the 1911-380, which is an M1911 that was built at 85 percent of the size of the standard, and to use the .380 caliber cartridge. Every potential design flaw was found and worked out before the pistol ever saw a storefront, even though it took Browning two years to complete.

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