Browning Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights

Browning Lever Action Rifles

In a world where lever actions are timeless classics, the Browning lever action rifles are able to bring something new to the marketplace. From designs to the materials used, they build on the traditional advantages offered and open the market to bring in new people. The main problem with a Browning is finding one that hasn’t already sold out.

Advantages of a Lever Action Rifle

While most people aren’t looking for a rifle that can fit comfortably in a saddle scabbard, that’s exactly what you get with a lever action rifle. It’s also one that is far more maneuverable in thick brush due to its shorter barrel.

Most hunters don’t care to use this particular action, but there are still those who value the mad skills it takes to get close enough to a deer to make an ethical kill. For those who need it, you can get second and third shots off very quickly. In fact, in skilled hands, a lever action rifle sounds like a drumroll.

Why Choose a Browning

Browning Lever

Those who are familiar with lever action rifles know that the ammunition used needs to be flat nosed. This is because the magazine is tubular and rests beneath the barrel. A pointed bullet may impact the centered primer of the cartridge before it and…do you really need me to continue?

However, flat nosed bullets aren’t as accurate. So Browning has decided to use the box magazine for their lever action so that they too can use standard cartridges, giving you the chance to drop that monster buck.

With a Browning, the trigger travels with the lever, so that you never have to worry about pinching fingers or jostling the trigger. This allows you to fire with even more accuracy. It’s a lever action that’s built like a tank and handles like a dream.

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