Browning Over Under Shotgun In Sterling Heights

Browning Over Under Shotgun In Sterling Heights

With the variety of excellent gun makers available producing such a range of firearms, it seems impossible that one should stand out more than the others. Yet a Browning over-under shotgun manages to do so.

Browning has a reputation for producing quality firearms, and the over under is a prime example of the company’s work and continued dedication to improvement. This company has been an innovator since its founding by John Browning in the 1890s.

Benefits Of An Over Under Shotgun

Over under shotguns are very reliable, and easy to clean and maintain due to the lack of moving parts. This reliability transfers to shooting, too. As long as the shell fits, it will fire without jamming or short stroking, so you have options for the quality of ammo you choose.

The action of these shotguns is fully enclosed, admitting little to no dust and dirt, and even protects the workings from rain and damp as well. Having the barrels one over the other provides better balance when following a target and aiming, which helps with accuracy.

Unlike many firearms, an over under is ambidextrous without needing to change anything or make any adjustments. Most over unders have ejectors, and even if it doesn’t the shell can still be removed with fingers.

Browning over Under Shotgun in Sterling Heights

Uses Of An Over Under

The over under shotgun is most commonly used for clay target shooting, trap shooting, hunting waterfowl, and skeet shooting.

With the two barrels comes two chokes, giving a shooter the opportunity to be strategic in their shooting and use two different types of ammunition. Using a wide pattern first can allow you to flush game out while the second shot can be more targeted.

If you have trouble deciding which model to choose, we have specialists on hand who can help you find exactly what you want in a firearm.

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