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Lever Action Rifles

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While Winchester made lever action rifles famous, the Buy Cimarron Lever Action Rifles Online took the Winchester idea to another level.

What is a Lever Action Rifle

A lever action rifle utilizes a lever to load fresh cartridges. Usually located around the trigger, the lever can actually be the trigger guard, so you don’t have to move your hand to work the lever. These rifles can fire multiple rounds without reloading, will operate under almost any circumstances, and are great for maneuvering in thick brush.

These rifles were not only popular in the Old West but people today are familiar with them due to the gun’s popularity in the Western movie genre. The weapons were often carried in different movies by famous actors such as John Wayne and Roy Rogers.

Why Choose a Cimarron

Cimarron Lever Action Rifles

Cimarron strives for perfection in their rifles, keeping them as authentic as possible while making minor adjustments for the modern era. They are one of the leaders of historically accurate rifles, from the weight and heft to the style of letters and length of writing on the weapon.

Actually using original pieces made in the 1800s as their blueprints, Cimarron brings attention to every detail of the process, and their dedication pays off. While they use modern machining techniques, such as computer controlled CNC machining, they will finish a piece off using the original methods. Some of these methods involve 30 different polishes, many of them done by hand.

If you want impressive machining, authenticity, and appearance, Cimarron is the only way to go.

Because of this attention to detail, Cimarron is the go-to rifle for movie production companies. So you know that if you buy Cimarron Lever Action Rifles Online, you’ll get the genuine, Old West feel that you’re looking for.

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