Buy Night Vision Scopes for Guns in Sterling Heights

Buy Night Vision Scopes for Guns in Sterling Heights

Night vision scopes are devices used to detect visible and infrared light, providing visible images in low-light environments, or even environments approaching total darkness. The image produced is usually monochrome, most commonly different shades of green. These devices are typically used by law enforcement agencies and the military, but they are available on the market to anyone who wishes to purchase them.

Night Vision Scopes

History of Night Vision

Night vision devices were first used during World War II and became more popular later on during the Vietnam War. Several generations of night vision equipment followed, the technology developing over time.

With time, the devices also became more affordable and more widely available on the market.

The units usually include an image intensifier, protective casing, and a type of mounting system. Many of them also include optical components, such as mirrors, telescopic lenses, or sacrificial lens. Some can have an IR illuminator as well, making them active devices as opposed to passive.

There are night vision devices for aviators and drivers, but the most popular ones are the ones used by gunners.

Microchannel Plate

The third-generation devices that are on the market today use a microchannel plate with a photocathode made of gallium arsenide, which assures a good quality image resolution. The micro-channel plate is coated with an ion barrier film, which increases tube life. Light amplification is greatly improved compared to older generations, and so is power consumption.

Scopes for Guns


Night vision scopes for guns are specifically designed to be mounted on firearms. They combine night vision technology with telescoping sight, allowing the user to see in the dark while magnifying the image for accuracy. The magnification factor on most night vision scopes is 4 to 5 times, though some are higher depending on the model.

If you are a hunter or you practice shooting in the dark, you need a night vision scope for your guns.

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