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Optical Accessories for Handguns

Optical accessories are used to process light in a way that enhances the image. The human eye can’t see to a great distance or in poor light conditions, and that limits shooting opportunities. That’s where optics come in handy.

Scopes (Telescopic Sights)

Scopes (Telescopic Sights)

Scopes are some of the most common optical accessories for guns. They are used for almost any kind of firearm, and they help with aiming. How much a scope can magnify the picture depends on the ratio between the focal length of the eyepiece and the focal length of the objective.

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Other Types of Optical Devices for Guns

Reflector sights, also called reflex sights, are a different type of optical accessories. These sights are not used for magnifying, but for spotting an illuminated aiming point placed on the field of view and the target.

Just like scopes, reflector sights can be used on pretty much all types of firearms. They were first used during the First World War by the Germans, but they have come a long way since.

Today’s reflector sights are much more complex, and many designs are available. Other types of optics also include collimator sights, which are similar in function to the reflex sights described previously, holographic weapon sights, which allow the shooter to see a holographic image of the target illuminated by a laser, and laser sights.

Night vision devices make use of infrared light to create a visible image for the human eye. The image is usually monochrome, for example, green. These devices are necessary for shooting in low light environments. They are mostly used by the military, but some civilians may use them as well.

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