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Established in 1992, Phoenix Arms currently manufactures two guns: the HP22A and the HP25A. These are small semi-automatic pistols that come with 3-inch barrels, though one can opt for 5-inch barrels as well. The difference between the two models is the type of cartridge each of them uses. The HP22A uses a .22 Long Rifle cartridge, while the HP25A uses a .25 ACP one. Phoenix Arms guns are made of a zinc alloy, and the barrels are made of steel.

The HP22A gun feeds from a 10-round magazine, while the HP25A feeds from a 9-round magazine, and they include a magazine disconnect feature, preventing the gun from firing when the magazine is missing. The magazines are available in two forms, flush grip, and extended grip. The latter does not add rounds to the magazine, it just extends the grip.

Buy Phoenix Arms Guns

The guns also have a shotgun-like ventilated rib on the top, an adjustable rear sight, and a very smooth undercut on the trigger guard.  Phoenix Arms guns come in two finish options: nickel or blue. They are manufactured in California and are legal for sale in all states that permit 10 round magazines.

The guns are small, with smooth curves and contours, they are lightweight, and they feel great in the hand. There are no sharp edges, and the finish is very good for the price range. These are affordable but well-built guns, and they are small enough to be easily concealable, which also makes them a perfect choice for women, who can wear them as ankle guns or thigh holster guns.

All Phoenix Arms guns come with a lifetime warranty for normal usage. They are low-priced firearms, yet highly reliable, making them the perfect option for shooters who don’t want to pay a lot of money for good quality.

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