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Scope Mounts Scopes, or telescopic sights, are useful when shooting from a distance greater than the human eye’s natural range. But to use a scope, it first needs to be properly mounted on the gun. Mounting a scope is not hard, but it must be done carefully.


The rifle scope mount was invented around 1835-1840. During the American Civil War some soldiers used scopes that provided between three and twenty magnification.

How to Mount A Scope

Scopes are usually mounted to the gun’s action or barrel. Generally, scopes come with a couple of rings attached to its body, which can be connected to a base fitted on the action or barrel of the gun. Some scopes feature a different design, and in those cases, rings are not required. The instructions might vary, but for most of them fixing the rings on the body to the base using small screws is the norm.

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Mounting A Scope

First, you must make sure that the scope is secured tightly. Otherwise, it will not maintain correct position and will shake out of place under the gun’s recoil.

The body of the scope has to be well aligned to the barrel or action. If they’re not, then you’ll have more adjusting to do using the sight’s internal adjustment system.

If you want to minimize damage to the scope’s body while using it, make sure the scope’s rings’ inside bore areas are perfectly aligned one with the other.

Mounting A Scope

Do some research and see what sort of scope works best for the rifle or handgun you use. Our experienced staff can help.

You can find a wide range of mounts on our website, with lots of options for you to choose from.

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