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Single Shot Pistols Single shot pistols and handguns are named so because they hold only one round of ammunition and require a reload after each shot. Single shot guns are the first type of guns to be invented. Today there are different varieties available, some of which use a cartridge and some that don’t.

History & Early Models

The single shot handgun is the first type of handgun ever created, invented in the 1300s in China. Just like all other firearms, single shot handguns and pistols were originally muzzle-loaded, but that started changing in the 18th century when the metallic cartridge was invented. These guns were eventually replaced for the most part by revolvers, except for two distinct types: single short target pistols and derringers like the Remington Rolling Rock.

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Modern Versions

Modern Versions

The modern gun industry has seen many innovations and development, but the simple, single shot system did not go away. These pistols evolved as well during the 20th and 21st centuries.

One such pistol was the Remington XP-100, first produced in 1963 and which used the high velocity .221 Fireball cartridge.

The XP-100 was followed by the Thompson Center Arms Contender Pistol, released in 1967.

The Contender came in different optional barrel lengths, and caliber sizes ranging from .22 Long Rifle to .45-70.

Thanks to these and to other later models, single shot handguns became practical for use in many situations.

Single shotguns are the oldest type of guns in the world, with a rich history behind them, and they’ve managed to remain on the firearms market to this day.

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