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Steyr Mannlicher is a gun manufacturer based in St. Peter in der Au, Austria. Steyr has a long history of weapon craftsmanship dating back to the middle ages.

Having access to good quality iron and steel, Steyr craftsmen started by forging knives, the production of which was renewed and supported by the Habsburg Duke Albert of Austria in the 13th century.

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The Early Years

Following the Thirty Years’ War, thousands of pistols, muskets, and carbines started being produced in Steyr every year for the Imperial Army. The guns factory as it’s known today took off in 1821 when Leopold Werndl began manufacturing weapon parts.

Later on, his son took over the factory and expanded it, creating the Austrian Arms Manufacturing Company, of which the Steyr Mannlicher was part of.

The collaboration between Werndl and Ferdinand Mannlicher, who patented an advanced repeating rifle, placed the Austrian Arms Manufacturing Company as one of the largest gun manufacturers in Europe.

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Ever since then, Steyr has been producing firearms. In the 1970s, the company designed an innovative assault rifle, originally called the StG 77, but exported under the name of Steyr AUG. The rifle utilized synthetic material and integrated fixed optics and at one time was used by the armed forces of more than 24 countries.

The company now produces two other assault rifle models, the StG-58, and the ACR, as well as 12 rifle models, two submachine guns, and six types of pistols. The pistols have a three-digit marking representing the date of manufacturing. Each letter corresponds to a month of the year or to a number. The first digit on the marking shows the month, while the last two digits show the year of fabrication.

Final Thoughts

Steyr guns come from a long Austrian tradition of weapon making that spans over almost 1000 years. Their guns come from the heart of Europe bringing history and expertise along with them.

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