Buy Zev Billet Rifle Online in Sterling Heights

Buy Zev Billet Rifle Online in Sterling Heights

Zev Billet Rifle

Billet rifles are one of the most popular firearms sold on the market today. Although they look quite similar to military rifles, these guns only shoot semi-automatic.

Origin of Billet Rifles

Billet rifles have billet receivers which are made from solid blocks of aluminum (also known as ‘stock’). To shape these blocks into a receiver, a milling or CNC machine is used. These machines remove the unwanted aluminum from the block until it comes into its desired shape.

Since the CNC machine can forge these blocks into any shape at all with powerful precision, creativity is often injected into the process.
This is why billet rifles are known for their aesthetic appeal and innovative designs with straight edges, L-shaped angles, and variations in sizing all possible due to the CNC machining.

Billet Rifle Online


Billet rifles are today’s modern sporting rifle. Similar to civilian sporting firearms, they are semi-automatic and fire only one round with each pull of the trigger. Many billet receivers come with thicker walls, resulting in stiffer structures. This adds strength and weight to the receiver and provides resistance to any sort of force applied.

The added mass of most billet receivers is ideal for hot cartridges or heavy barrels. Another advantage of the billet receivers is that they can be assembled easily because they don’t require roll pins. Instead, they use screwdrivers that don’t need hammers and punches to install. Durability was often cited as a major concern against billet rifles in the past due to the absence of hammer-hardened characteristics. However, by using high-quality aluminum in today’s age, all these worries have been put to rest.

In Summary

Billet rifles are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after firearms today. With unique designs, they can be customized to anyone’s liking.
If you are a billet rifle enthusiast and would like to own one, you can check our offerings and buy ZEV billet rifle online, or you can call us today to place an order, for technical support, or product information.

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