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Century Arms Guns

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When it comes to purchasing the perfect firearm, you want a gun made with quality craftsmanship, proven performance, and cost-effective. This describes a firearm manufactured by Century Arms. The company’s wide selection ensures that there is a firearm for everyone.

AK Rifles

Consumers interested in an AK rifle can choose from either AK rifles which are made in the United States or AK rifles which are imported. Imported rifles have a price point starting at $700, and American made rifles start at $600. When looking for Century Arms guns for sale, consumers can choose from different calibers, style, and color of stocks, as well as different grips.

AK Pistols

For those who are looking for a pistol, Century Arms has a variety of pistols to choose from. The C39V2 Blade features an adjustable stock to accommodate multiple shooters or different styles of shooting. The Mini Draco is a beautiful, stylish pistol with a stamped receiver, 30-round capacity magazine, and accepts all standard AK magazines.

Century Arms Shotguns

Are you looking for a quality, traditional shotgun? The JW-2000 Coach Shotgun comes in a 20-gauge and features rabbit ear hammers and double triggers. The quality steel construction ensures a quality performance every time. This gun has a 3” chamber, checkered forearm and grip, sling swivels, and brass bead front sights. A rubber butt pad is great for absorbing the recoil.

Century Arms Guns

If you are looking for a fun lever action shotgun, the PW87 Lever Action Shotgun is the perfect fit. The stock is manufactured from an oil rubbed stained walnut adding to its appeal. This is a gun to cherish for generations to come. Century Arms offers stylish, high-performance firearms and have something for every type of shooter from the beginner to the experienced shooter. Buy now at our online marketplace or visit us today.

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