Charter Arms Hunting Revolver in Detroit, Michigan

Charter Arms Hunting Revolver in Detroit, Michigan

Charter Arms Hunting Revolver

Charter Arms is a company that began in 1964, and specialize in small revolvers for personal protection. While a Charter Arms hunting revolver doesn’t specifically exist, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used as such in a pinch. After all, handguns are carried by civilians for the unexpected, and finding yourself needing to hunt with the gun in your pocket isn’t as wild as you might think.

Requirements of a Hunting Revolver

For hunting, the caliber of your round is important. A larger round like a 10 mm, or the .44 works well, though in a pinch, as long as you can get close enough, you’re fine.

The type of ammunition used for hunting is crucial. A jacketed hollow point is the normal type of round for self-defense, as the expanding bullet can create a lot of damage. Animals, on the other hand, have thicker and tougher hides, and a hollow point will injure but not kill. Jacketed soft points, hard-cast bullets, and semi-wadcutters work better.

Hunting handguns generally have longer barrels and can be found in bolt action, as well as double and single action. Which action you choose really depends on the shooter, and what you’re comfortable using.

Why Choose Charter Arms

Charter Arms

Charter Arms makes a reliable, durable revolver that’s been built for the working man. They’re not fancy, nor are they the type that a connoisseur would collect, but they are perfect for getting the job done.

That job is usually self-defense, though we recognize that there may be unexpected circumstances that have you needing to shoot game with your personal handgun. To that end, the calibers that Charter Arms’ revolvers shoot is ideal, and if you have the right type of ammunition, then you know you can survive anything.

Let us help you find the right revolver for you, and give you peace of mind.

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Charter Arms Hunting Revolver in Sterling Heights

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