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Charter Arms Revolvers
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Founded in 1964, Charter Arms is one of the premier and preeminent guns manufacturers in the United States of America. Founded in the heart of the New England region, Charter Arms is synonymous with class and precision in the gun industry.

Not only are Charter Arms revolvers carefully made with only the finest materials that one can find, but also, they are safe, reliable, and guaranteed to bring you the joy and satisfaction you experience from gun ownership.

The gun experts at IFA Tactical can not only educate you on gun ownership and the history of Charter Arms revolvers, but also, the IFA Tactical staff can help you choose a gun that meets your needs.

Portability and Durability

Charter Arms Revolvers

Charter Arms makes revolvers catered for men and woman. For example, the revolvers are lightweight, durable, and can fit in any compact holster on your pants buckle or belt loop.

Moreover, Charter Arms revolvers are scratch proof. So, if you drop your revolver or happen to bang it against a hard surface, there is no need to worry because Charter Arms revolvers are made to last for the long term. Additionally, because the material of the revolvers is so smooth, there is minimal friction and wear on the revolver that would normally occur over time.


Charter Arms revolvers come in the traditional colors of black or silver. However, the revolvers also come in the color pink, otherwise known as the “Chic Lady.” Additionally, Charter Arms has provided the for the customization of your gun shell with designs such as the American flag, a camouflage design, and a multitude of other colors.

With so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming when purchasing your perfect Charters Arms revolver. The experts at IFA Tactical have experience as well as practical knowledge of the wide range of revolver’s offered to provide only the best customer service.

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