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Innovation, design, and class, no three words better describe the precision and reliability of a Chiappa Rhino revolver. Chiappa Rhino is one of the leaders in the gun industry not only in terms of product quality but also in terms of innovation.

Chiappa has not been afraid to stray from conventional gun manufacturing methods and processes to create one of the most unique and creative guns on the market today.

The experts at IFA Tactical not only have the knowledge and skills to help you choose your Chiappa Rhino revolver but can unquestionably lead you in the right direction to help you purchase a gun that is safe, reliable, and one that shoots with precision.


Chiappo Rhino is not only set apart based upon the design of its revolvers but also, the way in which a bullet is fired from the barrel. As opposed to traditional guns and traditional manufactures which design their guns to fire from the top of the barrel, Chiappa Rhino revolvers fire from the bottom of its cylinder.

This reduces muzzle rise and recoil typically felt by the gun owner. By lowering the axis of the firing bullet, Chiappo Rhino creates an almost frictionless experience that the gun owner can feel in the palm of his/her hand.

Chiappo Rhino


Chiappo Rhino revolvers come in the traditional colors of silver or black. However, the brand has also designed guns in a matte black and also a gold model to give the purchase plenty of options to choose from. Additionally, the handle of the gun comes in solid colors or with a more intricate design, such as on the 60DS Hunter model thus creating a great sidepiece on your belt or holster. IFA Tactical not only sells Chiappo Rhino revolvers in its retail location but also online to make for easy accessibility. Buy now at our online marketplace or visit us today.

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