Chiappa Rifles for Sale in Sterling Heights

Chiappa Rifles for Sale in Sterling Heights


Chiappa proudly offers a variety of firearms including handguns, shotguns, and rifles although they are best known for their rifles.

Styles of Rifles

There are several different styles of Chiappa rifles offered to gun enthusiasts. If you are looking for a compact, break-open rifle, Chiappa has them.

Little Badger

For beginner shooters, the Little Badger is a great choice. It comes in a .22lr, .22WMR, 0r 17HMR. The rifle measures 17 inches and comes new with a case. The Little Badger comes with an M1 Carbine style front and rear sight.

The Spencer

If you are looking for an old fashion, lever- style rifle, the Chiappa Spencer is the gun for you. It was originally used by the Union Army during the Civil War. Chiappa has recreated it. It comes in 45COLT, 44-40, and 56-50 versions. The blued barrel is 30 inches long, and the rifle features a manually operated lever-action fed from a tube magazine in the buttstock.


For those looking for a high-quality semi-automatic rifle will take delight in the Chiappa M1-22. This .22 rimfire gun has a sliding rear sight accompanied by a winged front sight. Each rifle comes with two round magazines. The barrel is 18 inches long and finished in a matte blue.

More Than Just Rifles

Chiappa sells more than rifles. They have a line of high-performing, quality and stylish handguns and shotguns too. Chiappa also sells conversion kits for those who like to take their hobby to the next level. Conversion kits available include a variety of uppers as well as 12 gauge and 20-gauge adapter sets.

Here at IFA Tactical, we carry the Chiappa line along with just about every other major firearm brand sold in the United States. Contact us for everything related to your firearms and ammunition needs.

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