Chiappa Survival Rifle for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Chiappa Survival Rifle for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Chiappa Survival Rifle

Those who prefer to be prepared for all situations at all times will want a good deal of gear available. The problem with all that gear is that it can get heavy. That’s where the Chiappa survival rifle comes in. Small, lightweight, and foldable, it’s easy to pack without breaking your back.

Chiappa makes 2 types of rifles, the M6 Survival Rifle, and the Little Badger. Both are foldable, both lightweight, and there the similarities end.

Features of the Chiappa M6 Survival Rifle

The M6 stock is a basic frame that is filled in with a hard, polypropylene foam, which significantly reduces the weight. It’s been made with pre-formed holes that fit 12 gauge shotgun shells and .22 caliber long rifle cartridges and some extra space for cleaning gear.

This is a break action, over under design with one trigger in front of the other. The opening mechanism is the lever under the barrel which doubles as a trigger guard. The rifle comes with 8 barrel inserts which allow you to fire 13 different rounds.

Factory fresh, it has an optical front sight and an adjustable rear sight, as well as 3 Picatinny rails. You can mount a scope if you choose, or any kind of optic that fits. Without a scope, this weighs in at roughly 6 pounds.

Features of the Little Badger

Survival Rifle

The Little Badger weighs less than three pounds and is far more minimalist than the M6. It’s a breech loading, single shot rifle that looks like a pipe gun. The stock is little more than metal and wire, with space to keep extra cartridges.

You can find it chambered in .22LR, .22WMR, and .17HMR, and it’s up to you which you prefer. Overall, it’s surprisingly accurate, easy to clean, and kept shooting with minimal maintenance.

This firearm is would be perfect for teaching children to shoot, as it’s small and light enough, while an adult could still shoot it, too. Buy now at our online marketplace or visit us today.

Chiappa Survival Rifle for Sale in Sterling Heights

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