Cimarron Arms Revolvers for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Cimarron Arms Revolvers for Sale in Detroit, Michigan

Established in 1984, Cimarron Firearms is an American firearm importer located in Fredericksburg, Texas. The company sells reproduction guns, covering the era from the American Civil War to the end of the Old West period. The actual manufacturing and assembly happen in Brescia, Italy, following Cimarron’s design and specifications.

Cimarron Arms

The Best of The Old West

Cimarron guns are detailed and accurate replicas, so much so that they won the “Best of the West” awards from the True West Magazine. For this reason, they’ve appeared in numerous Western movies throughout the years, and they’re popular among collectors, reenactors, and competitive shooters.

Cimarron’s replicas look so realistic because they offer antique finishes, such as antiquated metal with charcoal-bone case hardening and original engravings, which are designed to match the time period engravings of the original gun.

Cimarron Arms Revolvers

Cimarron offered a direct copy of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver in stainless steel, following the size and dimensions of the original, and it was the first reproductions manufacturer to do so. However, Cimarron’s version had a few improvements to make the revolver more accurate, such as a narrower rear sight notch and a wider front sight blade. Some critics were not content with the modifications, but in spite of that, the revolver was a success.

The company’s most popular non-Colt revolver is the Remington Model 1875 Single Action Army, also known as Improved Army or Frontier Army. This single-action was a competitor to Colt’s popular Single Action Army line. Another notable revolver is the Cimarron Lightning SA model, the first sub-4” barrel single action revolver that used an ejector rod. Some of the best revolvers of all time were brought back to light by Cimarron.

Cimarron Arms Revolvers are perfect for anyone who loves American history, loves period reenacting, or Western movies scenes.

Cimarron Arms Revolvers for Sale in Sterling Heights

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