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For those thrill seekers looking to replicate some of their favorite movie scenes from the classic Western movies, Cimarron is the brand for you. Something that Walker ,Texas Ranger, and John Wayne would be proud to carry, Cimarron has made its mark in the gun industry by manufacturing some of the cleanest and most detailed replica guns that have ever existed.

The experts at IFA Tactical can not only helping you find the best Cimarron Arms revolver for your gun collection but can also educate you in the legacy and place of Cimarron Arms in the gun industry.


Cimarron’s best-known revolver model is the Cowboy Comp Action. This revolver comes with a 3 ½” barrel and includes an ejector. You may recognize this gun from some of your favorite old Western movies.

The gun also contains high polished charcoal blue screws and a color case that is sure to impress your friends and family. This classy and natural looking gun displays an antique look that every gun enthusiast can certainly appreciate.

The Hollywood Series

The Hollywood Series

Not only in Cimarron known for making some of the most accurate and intricate replica guns on the market but Cimarron also works hard to maintain its reputation of near identical guns to those seen in your favorite Hollywood movies. For example, the Man with No Name Conversion revolver has a smooth wood finish on its handle as well as a gold accent on the trigger.

The barrel is a hardened stainless steel looking as though it is straight out of a Hollywood western. This revolver is a replica of the 1851 conversion used in the 1960’s Spaghetti Westerns. A Cimarron Arms revolver such as this one is the perfect gift for the Western enthusiast in your life or a great piece to add to your collection.

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