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Cimarron Firearms

The Old West has held the hearts and minds of Americans from the beginning, both for the adventure it represents and the iconic firearms it inspired. While we, for the most part, no longer live like that, it is possible to own a modern reproduction, thanks to Cimarron Firearms.

Properties of Cimarron Firearms

All Cimarron’s firearms are authentic reproductions of real, Old West guns, from shotguns to rifles, to handguns. While the guns are manufactured in Italy by Uberti, Cimarron uses genuine articles to base all their firearms on, even down to mimicking the style of font used. The replicas are fully functioning, usable, and are meant to be taken into the field, not stored in a glass case.

Cimarron’s guns are CNC manufactured, so the precision machining offers greater function and reduces the risk of misfires. Even with the CNC machining, there is still a significant amount of work that is done by hand, ensuring the smoothest fit possible.

The finishes are often hand done, with multiple finishes if that’s what the original calls for. Many of these are done in the US since authenticity is a byword for Cimarron.

Why Choose Cimarron


Cimarron is a leader in quality reproductions in the US, with Cimarron even being the first stop when Hollywood makes a western movie. With a reputation not only for historical accuracy but for firing accuracy, it’s no wonder Cimarron is the first stop for those who dream of owning an authentic looking firearm.

As well as creating accurate replicas, Cimarron works to implement small changes to improve the safety of their firearms, as the originals were a little lacking in that area. An example of this can be seen in their single action handguns, where there is a short transfer bar, spring, and firing pin arranged inside. This prevents the hammer from being tripped until the gun is fully cocked.

Call us today to place an order, for technical support, or product information.

Call us today to place an order, for technical support, or product information.
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