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Lever action rifles are a taste of history, but owning an original is something that most people could never afford. With Cimarron lever action rifles, however, that is now possible. All the benefits of a lever rifle, with the amazing look and piece of history at a more affordable cost.

Advantages of a Lever Action Rifle

Lever action rifles are easy to handle, quick to deploy, and their short barrel makes them very maneuverable. This is perfect if you’re stalking game through underbrush. The shorter length also makes them easier to use for home defense than many shotguns. Lever actions can take a wide variety of calibers, and using the right one can extend your shooting range.

Using a lever action rifle is about patience, skill, and stealth, and if you bag game with this rifle, there is the added satisfaction of following in the footsteps of the pioneers. For those concerned about ammunition and safety, there have been strides taken recently with designing ammo specifically for use with lever rifles.

Why Choose a Cimarron Rifle

Cimarron Lever Action Rifles

Cimarron has high standards for their firearms, demanding a degree of authenticity that isn’t seen often anymore. From the weight, down to the text, these rifles are quality reproductions. While the text is replaced with Cimarron’s own information, they even keep the style and height of the type that was used on the original piece.

Hollywood has contracted Cimarron for a number of western movies, which demonstrates how precise their work is. When the company first began, Cimarron president Mike Harvey used his personal collection as blueprints.
Now, they are recognized as the leader of quality replicas.

At IFA Tactical, we have specialists who can help you find the right rifle and ammunition for your needs. Whether you want an authentic rifle to use on the range, or you’d like to take it hunting, we can help.

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Cimarron Lever Action Rifles in Sterling Heights

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