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The cowboy era of the Old West produced a number of iconic styles, and none more so than the one that had a front row seat to so many shootouts, the single action revolver. Those who want to can find a modern, historically accurate reproduction with the Cimarron single action revolver.

Differences between Single and Double Action

Cimarron Single Action Revolver

Single action refers to the fact that they can only be fired by cocking the hammer and squeezing the trigger a single shot at a time. This means that squeezing the trigger prompts a single action to be performed, which is that the hammer falls, igniting the powder.

A double action can be fired by cocking the hammer the first time; then it only takes squeezing the trigger after that. The trigger performs the dual action of rotating the barrel and ejecting the spent cartridge at the beginning of the pull and dropping the hammer at the end of the pull.

If you’re looking for historical accuracy, however, you should go with the single action, all of which are based on the Colt Single Action Army revolver.

Why Choose a Cimarron Single Action Revolver

Cimarron prides themselves on their reproductions, even using original pieces as models. They don’t manufacture the weapons themselves, Italian company Uberti does, and Cimarron will often take care of the finishes.

That is the thing about accuracy; most original pieces had finishes that were done by hand, in several stages. Cimarron will spend the time to do the finishes properly, so the weapon looks as authentic as possible.

Safety with a Single Action

Never carry a single action revolver loaded with 6 rounds. Instead, always make sure that an empty round is under the firing pin. These revolvers do not have modern safety features.

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