Classic and Innovative Guns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Classic and Innovative Guns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Since the invention of gunpowder operated weapons, many firearms have made history. There are some that were so innovative they changed the industry forever. Other models were just so good they became all-time classics.

Six Firearms That Changed the History of Gun Making

Innovative Guns

This list can only include a few of the most notable classics, and the first one on the list is the Mauser Model 98. This German military arm’s action has been the basis for almost every bolt action gun made since the beginning of the 20th century.

Next one that has become an icon member the Remington family is the Remington Model 1100, an innovative autoloading shotgun. Previous self-loaders were heavy and recoil operated, but Model 1100 came in sleeker, lighter, and it had a softened recoil, which made a big difference. Smith & Wesson’s Model 29 debuted in 1955, and it enabled handgun users to shoot at rifle caliber distances as well as hunt big game. It redefined what a gun is capable of doing.

Over unders were once a rarity in America, that is, until the Browning Superposed was launched on the market. The Superposed was such a good gun that it experiences great sales despite the fact that it was introduced during the Great Depression.

The last, but not least on this list, the Ruger 10/22. This is probably the most popular rimfire rifle in the entire world.
Since it’s introduction, it has been made in half a dozen configurations, and it’s most commonly used for plinking and small game hunting.

Classic and Innovative Guns

What Makes a Classic Gun?

A classic gun is one that remains in use for many decades, if not centuries, and that is used by gunmakers as a standard for their own designs.

We have many classic and innovative guns for sale in our online shop. Come check them out, and you will see how history was made.

Classic and Innovative Guns for Sale Online in Sterling Heights

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