Classic and Innovative Handguns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Classic and Innovative Handguns for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Gunpowder and guns were among the greatest inventions of all time, and they had an enormous impact on the course of history. While they started off as very rudimentary explosive weapons many centuries ago, guns have evolved a lot over time, and some of them were so popular and so far ahead of their times they are now labeled classic.

What Makes a Handgun Be Considered Classic or Innovative?

Classic and Innovative Handguns

A classic gun is one that is used as a standard for later generations of firearms, and it remains relevant and on the market for decades or even centuries after it was first manufactured. Classic guns have become part of our pop culture and even national identity.

Handguns That Made History

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From all classic and innovative handguns that were ever created, in this list will just name a few. The Colt Single Action Army, also known as the Peacemaker and as the “gun that won the West,” was featured in many Western movies, and became an important part of the cultural heritage of the United States.

The Browning Hi-Power pistol is famous for its 13-round magazine, the first high magazine pistol to be practical and not too bulky.

Perhaps the most iconic pistol of the last few decades is the Glock 17. Using polymers for many of its components, Glock 17 became successful for being lightweight and accurate. These guns and several others have helped shape the entire firearm industry and remain a favorite today.

Final Word

If you’d like to carry with you a piece of history, a legendary weapon that millions of users could vouch for, then take a look at our list of classic and innovative handguns for sale online, and you will surely find one that suits you perfectly.

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