Compact Semi Auto Pistol in Sterling Heights

Compact Semi Auto Pistol in Sterling Heights

Compact Semi Auto Pistol

There is a lot of talk about what kind of gun to carry every day. Full size, compact, and subcompact, they all have their advocates, advantages, and disadvantages. For everyday situations, most people favor a compact semi-auto pistol for its ease of handling and better accuracy.

Features of a Compact Pistol

One important factor to keep in mind is that the manufacturer is the one who decides whether the pistol falls into the compact or subcompact range. These pistols can only be truly compared between the same manufacturers, but we will attempt to give you a rough idea of the differences.

A compact pistol has a slightly larger barrel than a subcompact, coming in at roughly 4 inches. The extra inch gives greater accuracy for the shooter at longer ranges while still keeping it easier to carry and handle. The compact size means a slightly smaller magazine, so a compact will most likely carry 1-3 bullets less than a full-size pistol. Specifications should be checked to make sure it’s large enough to carry what you think will be necessary.

Compact Semi Auto

Why Choose a Compact Semi Auto

A compact semi-auto pistol is much easier and more comfortable to carry as a concealed weapon. It also has the added advantage of carrying more bullets than a revolver. A semi-automatic allows you to fire quickly and easily. A mid-size pistol like a compact means the best of both worlds with regards to concealment, magazine size, and accuracy.

A full-size handgun can be hard to conceal or awkward to carry. Make sure to ask us for a chance to handle your pick before you buy to make sure it fits your grip comfortably. At IFA Tactical, we have teams of specialists ready to answer all of your questions.

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