Cricket Bolt Action Pistol in Sterling Heights

Cricket Bolt Action Pistol in Sterling Heights

When handguns are mentioned, everybody assumes a semi-automatic or revolver is being discussed. The Cricket Bolt Action Pistol doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. It is a great plinking pistol, perfect for introducing kids to proper safety, maintenance, and handling of a small firearm.

Benefits of a Bolt Action

Bolt action firearms are mechanically very simple, which leads to a greater degree of reliability than a semi-automatic. Single shots such as the Cricket pistol are even more reliable, as there’s no magazine or springs that can possibly be damaged.

This action is simple and easy to learn how to use, and anybody who’s ever seen an action film has likely seen a bolt action in motion. This simplicity of form makes cleaning and maintenance much easier and less complicated. Plus, a bolt action can be taken out in all weather conditions, given only basic care, and still work reliably.

Bolt actions aren’t limited in the type of ammunition you use in it. As long as the ammo is the correct caliber, you’ll do fine. While there is some debate on the matter, bolt actions have long been held to be very accurate as a matter of course. A bolt action pistol is no different.

Features Of The Cricket Bolt Action Pistol

Cricket Bolt Action Pistol in Sterling Heights

The Cricket pistol is found as a .22 caliber in short, long, and long rifle, giving you plenty of options. It can be found with either a wooden or synthetic stock, and it’s your choice and preference that should determine which you get. There is no difference in how it performs.

It has an overall length of 17.5 inches and weighs just over two pounds making lightweight enough for kids to handle easily. This is a very simple handgun to modify by adding a red dot, though it does come with sights.

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