CVA Guns for Sale Online in Detroit Michigan

CVA Guns for Sale Online in Detroit Michigan

CVA muzzleloader frames

CVA (short for Connecticut Valley Arms) started as a traditional black powder rifle company in 1971. Initially, the company offered DIY kits and factory assembled muzzleloaders. Today, they own modern in-line muzzleloader platforms, such as the entry-level Wolf models, the mid-priced Optima, and the premium .50 cal. Accura.

Modern CVA muzzleloader frames, stocks, and barrels feature a sturdy design, which provides accuracy and strength for current revolver and centerfire rifle cartridges. That’s how the budget-friendly Scout models and the caliber-convertible Apex break-action single shot rifles were developed, among others.

50 Caliber Optima Handgun

The .50 cal. Optima muzzle-loading pistol was made for the company’s entrance into the handgun hunting market. The Optima has a powder capacity of up to 100 grains, and proved to be so successful, that CVA started producing center-fire models based on the Stout rifles.


CVA guns are very popular among shooting enthusiasts and hunters alike, being the #1 selling muzzleloader in America for almost a decade. CVA has been continuously developing innovative rifles that meet the consumers’ needs and demands, at affordable prices. This played a big part in the company’s success.

The guns are designed and assembled in their facility located in Bergara, northern Spain. Bergara and the region around it has a centuries-old history and tradition of gun making, which further speaks for the quality of the CVA guns. The barrels are also made in the town of Bergara, at the Bergara Barrels factory.

Every rifle component, whether manufactured by the company or sourced from another manufactures, is produced under strict ISO-9001 quality standards.


CVA guns

Furthermore, the company offers a complete line of loading, shooting, and cleaning accessories, which will help users be better and safer hunters, and will enhance and protect the performance of CVA muzzleloaders.

CVA guns are more accurate and better quality for the dollar than any similarly priced guns from competing brands.

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