CZ Guns for Sale Online in Detroit Michigan

CZ Guns for Sale Online in Detroit Michigan

CZ Guns

CZ, short for Česká Zbrojovka and Česká Zbrojovka Uherský Brod (Czech Armory and Czech Arms Factory in English), is a Czech gun manufacturer. CZ was founded in 1936 in the former Republic of Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic.

Since 1997, CZ has spread to the worldwide gun market, selling small arms, with police, military, defensive, recreational, and sporting firearms. The company has a franchise in the United States, called CZ-USA, which imports and distributes CZ products from the Czech Republic and fabricates some models of their own in their shop located in Warsaw, Missouri.

Some of their unique American models include the Safari Classics line and the 550 Tactical Rifles.

Handgun Line

The CZ company produces a variety of handguns, such as the CZ 2075 RAMI, CZ 75, CZ 92, and the CZ P-10 C. It also manufactures rimfire rifles, shotguns, centerfire rifles, air rifles, and military and law enforcement guns. Their wide selection can satisfy almost any buyer’s needs.

The factory employs over 1800 personnel, craftsmen, and engineers, making Cz one of the biggest gun manufacturers in the world.

CZ Guns for Sale

CZ 75 and other Models

CZ guns are innovative and well-known in the world of firearms. The CZ 75 model completely redefined the defense and duty pistols category. Česká Zbrojovka has developed a number of models based on this legendary model.

Among the revolutionary or influential designs of the small arms that Česká Zbrojovka has developed over the years, the most notable ones are the vz. 23/24 submachine gun with overhanging bolt, the vs. 52 roller locked automatic pistol, the vz. 61 Škorpion ultra compact submachine gun with rate reducer, and the vz. 75 high capacity automatic pistol with cam unlocking.

Whether they are produced on American soil or traveling across the ocean to meet you, CZ guns are the perfect choice if you are looking for quality, history, and innovation that are worth the price.

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