Derringer Pistol for Sale in Sterling Heights

Derringer Pistol

Originally, a derringer simply meant the smallest handgun of a particular caliber, often only containing a few grains of black powder. If you are interested in a derringer pistol for sale, the type, and style.

A very popular, high-quality range of derringer is produced by Bond Arms, and are the ones we will be looking at more closely.

Features of Bond Derringers

The frames are machined from a solid piece of stainless steel, which provides a huge amount of strength to back up the calibers these little pistols can handle. The frame is compatible with all of Bond’s interchangeable barrels, so one pistol can fire any caliber available.

These pistols are two shot over unders controlled by a switch. You can choose which barrel fires first. When the hammer is cocked, the switch automatically flips to the remaining barrel.

While the trigger guard can be removed for a more traditional look, it actually aids in aiming this powerful little pistol. There also is the standard Bond Arms Safety Locking Device, an internal safety that requires a key to unlock.

Examples of Quality Derringer Pistols


The Texas Defender is a mere 5 inches long, yet can fire two .45 Colt lc410 gauge cartridges. It has rosewood grips marked with a star inside a circle and also has a cross-bolt safety. This single action pistol weighs a solid 20 ounces, hefty enough to support the caliber of cartridge it can fire.

The Snake Slayer IV has an overall length of 6.25 inches and weighs a hefty 23.5 ounces. It chambers two .45 Colt lc410 cartridges and also features the beautiful rosewood grips, which on this model can be switched with extended grips for increased comfort. The slightly longer barrel offers tighter shot patterns, higher velocities, and more manageable recoil.

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