Glock Automatic Pistol in Detroit, Michigan

Glock Automatic Pistol in Detroit, Michigan

Glock Automatic Pistol

A linguistic quirk in the gun industry is that automatic refers to semi-automatics, and a fully automatic handgun is called a machine pistol. There is a Glock automatic pistol that is a machine pistol, the Glock 18. However, the Glock 18 is only available to reputable and qualified law enforcement, military, and government agencies.

Which is why we will be focusing more on the guns which are commonly called automatics, those that are in the semi-automatic range.

Features of Glock Semi-Automatics

The frame, magazine body, and a few other components of Glock pistols are made from a high strength, nylon-based polymer. This results in a lighter firearm that is easier and more comfortable to carry.

The Safe Action system is a three-step process to provide additional safety and security across the main points that control the firing process. The grip is textured for better handling, particularly in adverse situations.

If purchasing a Gen4 or newer model, there are a few extra features such as the back strap system, which allows you to adjust the grip to fit your hand. A large, reversible magazine catch lets you switch the catch to either the left or right hand. A dual recoil spring assembly reduces the amount of recoil you feel when firing.

Why Choose a Glock

Glock Automatic

Glock has a huge range of models and sizes to choose from, and it’s possible to find something for anyone. They come in full sized, compact, and sub-compact, in varying models, and a smaller variety of calibers.

Most Glocks are 9 mm rounds, which makes them affordable to resupply, which is great for those who like to log time on the range. Their light polymer frame makes them easier to carry for long periods of time, perfect for a concealed carry.

At IFA Tactical, we have specialists who can help you decide which model will work best for you.

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Glock Automatic Pistol in Sterling Heights

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