Glock Automatic Pistol in Sterling Heights

Glock Automatic Pistol in Sterling Heights

Glock Automatic Pistol

Glock is probably one of the most recognized names in the gun industry, and the Glock automatic pistol is its signature product. Known for reliability, durability, and accuracy, Glock reaches new people every year.

About Glock

The first Glock, the Glock 17, was designed for the Austrian military to a set of exacting standards. It had to be self-loading, use 9mm ammunition, and have a built-in safety so that it would not accidentally discharge if dropped. Part of the testing protocol included firing 15,000 rounds through a barrel.

Glock beat out offerings from five other established manufacturers to win the Austrian military contract. The company has made several improvements to the original and have added several different lines of handguns to their offerings over the years. One addition was the Universal Glock rail to mount laser sights, lights, and other fixtures as needed.

The latest models, Gen 4s, focus on the ergonomics of the pistols, particularly the recoil. The Gen 4 magazines will still work in older models; something Glock tries to do with all its upgrades and additions.

Glock 17

Why Choose a Glock

Glocks are known for durability and quality. The company has a reputation as an innovator in the handgun industry. Glocks are lightweight, sturdy and come in a variety of sizes. Whether it’s full size, compact, or subcompact, they’re all high-quality pieces. Utilizing metal and polymer, the gun is one of the lightest available in the market for its size compared to similar weapons made by other manufacturers.

Glock maintains its reputation for reliability and accuracy no matter what model you choose. Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty weapon for law enforcement or security work or a concealed carry gun for your wife, Glock has a model that will fit your needs.
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