Glock for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan

Glock for Sale Online in Detroit, Michigan


Glock is a firearm brand that rose to popularity in the past 30 years. Glock pistols are highly regarded as some of the best, if not the absolute best, out there.

Originally made in Austrian, the craftsmanship is superb.

Glocks are lightweight, dependable, and compact.

Glock 17

Glock does not have a large variety of models. The Model 17, and a more compact version, Model 19, are the two primary best sellers.

Model 17 does not mean, by the way, that there are 17 models available.

The model’s number comes from it being the 17th patent registered by the company.

The Glock 17 pistol was originally created for the Austrian Army, designed to combine the best features from previous handguns, with the addition that the new Glock used mostly synthetic polymer-based materials. These materials made the gun lighter than traditional handguns, and less expensive to produce.

Multiple variants of the model are available, some of which have slightly shorter barrels or other minor differences.

Model 17 outperformed all the best pistols of its time, earning its place among the ranks of many military forces worldwide.

It’s still just as popular today as it was when it was created in the 80s, and it’s certainly considered a firearm classic.

Glock 19

Glock 19

Model 17 was a success, but it was perhaps not that easy to carry around at all times. That’s why Glock came up with Model 19, which is essentially just a compact version of the previous model, performing just as well. The two pistols are very similar, but Model 19 is considerably smaller, making it much more convenient for conceal carry, fitting it into a purse, or carrying it otherwise.

You can never go wrong buying a Glock; their reputation and fame are well deserved.

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